Welcome to RxCreative

RxCreative creates bridges between medicine, science, law, and media. We are a national network of practicing physicians, scientists, lawyers and entertainment industry types. Together, we help creative professionals portray science, medicine, and legal issues on screen, and help scientists, doctors, and lawyers create compelling, creative, narrative media.It is vital that the medicine and law audiences learn on screenis both  accurate and engaging — whether that media originates in Hollywood or the hospital. RxCreative does that.

And now we do it for free. At least for single episode consults and early-stage pilot development. Beyond that, let’s talk.

FOR Creative Professionals

RxCreative makes the stories of medicine and law accessible, interesting, and accurate. We can help you craft a story that doesn’t just entertain, it educates. Whether that means giving you ideas for your script, writing technical dialogue, working with your production staff, or providing on-set consultations, RxCreative is committed to making your project the best that it can be.

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FOR Scientists, Medical, & Legal Professionals

Explaining complex medical and legal principles to people without a lot of professional training means more than using smaller words. RxCreative is committed to improving patient and consumer literacy by crafting your message in a way that people can understand, engage, and use to improve their lives. We believe in the power of narrative: that stories are the best way to teach, and the best way to learn.

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