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A Founding Document


RxCreative was founded to create a bridge between medicine and entertainment.  We figure that applying storytelling to medical and scientific ideas will make them more accessible to patients and doctors.  Likewise, it seems obvious that bringing accurate and interesting science and medicine to entertainment will educate people in ways that PowerPoint presentations and brochures at […] Read more »

Facing Our Mistakes


One of the reasons I started RxCreative was to change the expectations that people have about the limits of “modern” medicine. Sure, we’ve come a long way from leeches — long enough that like many old ideas they’re starting make a comeback — but it’s still fair to say that our grandkids will look at […] Read more »

Hello world!


Welcome to the new and improved RxCreative website! The new site will allow for more frequent updates and interaction with our clients.  Most of that updating and interaction will happen here, on the Resources page.  Here, we’ll post interesting links, guides to getting medicine and science right on television, and whatever else may suit our […] Read more »