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Pain Management: What Can Help?


Pain control is an incredibly important part of recovering from surgery, both at the hospital and at home or in rehab. In my previous post, I explained the members of the healthcare team who are involved in pain management. Here, I’ll discuss some of the tools they use for managing pain. Pain Management Used To Numb Specific […] Read more »

Pain Management – Who Can Help?


One of the biggest concerns that patients have about surgery is dealing with pain. Pain control is an incredibly important part of what your medical team does, and the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses who care for surgical patients have a number of tools that they can use to help with pain control. In this post, […] Read more »

Epidurals – They’re Not Just For Having Babies


When most people hear the term “epidural” they automatically think of an anesthetic used for childbirth. The reality, though, is that epidural anesthetics have a wide range of uses in surgery. Epidurals not only reduce pain, they also may improve outcomes from surgery for some patients. For that reason, epidurals are becoming more common for […] Read more »